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Broach St. Petersburg

"Preparing your Child for a Lifetime of Learning"

Our Method
Our method is as traditional as the "One Room Schoolhouse" of early American education. Students are taught individually in small groups so that each can proceed at his or her own pace without losing the value of shared classroom experiences. It's not a complicated approach but it works so well that poor students can become exceptional ones.  

Our Philosophy
We believe that God created each individual as a special, unique person - a person with great potential. We are committed to helping our students develop their God given strengths and potential. We do not teach religion but have discovered that young people need moral direction and character development. Students begin each day with a short devotional and the Pledge of Allegiance to our country. Chapel programs are held monthly to inspire students. Our entire educational program is devoted to the whole student - a student that we hope will become not only an educated citizen but also a person with moral character.

General Program
The Broach School enrolls students year round. The standard school year is 175 days at 6 hours per day. Summer school, work study and after school programs are also available on varying schedules. Due to the strong academic emphasis of the Broach School, many traditional school services such as cafeteria lunches and athletics are not available. However, every effort is made to provide students with extracurricular activities through home and community resources.

All academics classes are planned on an individual basis. Each course is designed to take the student from a point of weakness to a point of strength, always at the student's pace. Although the students are taught in small groups, their work is individualized to their own needs and interests. Assignments are generally completed at school, not at home, which eliminates parent frustration in supervising homework. Students are encouraged to read, study for tests and sometimes do make-up work at home. For the most part, "when school is out-school is out."

Discipline Approach
Our approach to discipline is counseling. We love each child "unconditionally" but foster good attitudes and reject poor behavior. We stress the Judeo-Christian values of the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule, encouraging students to respect God, their parents and others. A code of conduct is given to each student upon enrollment. The student and parents must be willing to comply with the school's behavioral guidelines.

Testing and Guidance
Each student participates in standardized achievement testing throughout the school year. The scores and implication for future goals are thoroughly discussed with each student and their parents. Written progress reports are sent home periodically and grades are issued every six weeks. Throughout the year, students and their families are given guidance for vocational, career and college opportunities. At any time, parents may call or visit the school with questions concerning their child's progress.

Graduation Requirements
Students must complete 24 credits in grades 9-12 to graduate from the Broach School. Specific courses needed for graduation may vary from time to time according to state requirements and individual goals.

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  4500 43rd Street North



Saint Petersburg FL



  33714 Pinellas
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