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The Vanguard School

Transforming Potential, Accelerating Achievement

Welcome to Vanguard
The Vanguard school is an accredited, (FCIS - FL Council of Independent Schools and SACS - Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) internationally recognized community of students with learning differences.

Small class sizes and an atmosphere where students are identified by strengths, not weaknesses, have helped produce  
thousands of successful students over the past 40 years – and over 95% of our students go on to college.
This world-class oasis for learning draws students from across the US and around the globe.

About Vanguard
The Vanguard experience is designed to transform our students’ potential into personal and academic achievements. We catch our students up, move them ahead, and prepare them for college and beyond.

We’ve produced thousands of successful graduates over our rich 40 year history through catering to the individual needs of our students.  Our educational program focuses on developing the whole person – and fostering personal growth and maturity along with academic success.

We’re also a very fun place to be. Students enjoy a rich and exciting social life as they interact with peers from across the US and around the globe. Our enthusiastic staff breathes life and energy into our programs, and motivates our students daily as they grow into their full potential.

Individualized goals
Vanguard serves students who have a bright educational future that is best enhanced through a program combining individual remedial training with group learning.

In preparing students to return to less specialized educational environments or advance to their next level of educational experience, the first step is setting appropriate goals. This begins with an assessment based on our admission evaluation, school records, and prior educational evaluations. Once enrolled, we conduct additional student staffings, which serve to identify patterns of specific strengths and weaknesses.

Vanguard also uses evaluations to guide classroom assignments and individual educational choices for each student. Teachers share evaluation results with students and involve them in establishing their own goals. Through diagnostic teaching and other techniques, we frequently reevaluate each student and reformulate goals as needed.

Our psychologist and faculty mentors play a direct role in furthering student development, working with students who are having trouble adjusting, and providing guidance to teachers and residential staff on students’ specific needs. The school is also involved in post-secondary planning, and offers students many opportunities to research various programs.

The Vanguard Mission
The mission of the Vanguard School is to provide an individualized program in a nurturing environment which enables our students to develop to their fullest capability: Academically, Socially and Personally.










Lowest Grade:

Highest Grade:

5 PG


Total Students:

No 135


Total Teachers:

1966 22

Tutoring Available:

Tuition Range:

Yes $39,850 Residential Students / $22,500 Day Student

Pre-school Offered:

Qualified Teachers:

No Yes

Qualified Teachers:

School Uniforms:

Yes No

Sports Offered:

Summer Program:

Yes Yes
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