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Welcome to McKayScholarship.com

McKayScholarship.com was created out of love and concern for children with learning disabilities and their families.  Secondly, it was created partly out of frustration at the lack of information available to parents to be able to make an informed decision about where their child will attend school.  Response to MckayScholarship.com has been overwhelming and you can expect to see it grow in size and content.

McKayScholarship.com averages thousands of hits per day.  Parents are desperately searching for the right choice for their child.  They need to be informed.  We are not the department of education.  We are a private company that offers a free service to parents by advertising schools, as well as providing news, updates, and all other pertinent information regarding the McKay Scholarship!

Our statewide school database gives you all the information you need about the schools. Hours of operation, uniforms, curriculum, disabilities served, summer programs, religious affiliations, and so much more!

There are still so many families out there who have no idea that their child is eligible for a McKay Scholarship.  We must get the word out!  Our Awareness Campaign has one goal - to make sure that every parent who has a child with a learning disability knows that they have choices!  Download our poster and postcard and help spread the word.

If you are a school click here.

We are not the department of education.  If you want to visit the department of education's website please visit www.floridaschoolchoice.org or click here.
"Thanks to the McKay Scholarship, my son now attends a much smaller private school where he looks forward to going to college." - Ana Vilaomat


"McKay empowers Florida families to decide what is best for their respective children, regardless of race or economics, and that is priceless." - Tatjana Martinez
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